PDF Share Forms
for DoD organizations

In the past decade, Department of Defence has made great strides in adoption of electronic collaboration and document management systems like SharePoint. Their revised and new policies dictate the necessity of use of Information technology to the maximum extent possible. Electronic records should be the default for the creation, distribution, and use of forms to record, store, and disseminate information entered on those forms.

PDF forms are as close as you can get to paper forms that have been used in DoD and other organizations forever. For many of our DoD customers integration of PDF Share Forms with their SharePoint environments was a logical step towards standardization and compliance to DoD forms regulations.

Benefits of PDF Share Forms
Implementation of PDF Share Forms allowed DoD customers to develop clear and structured electronic forms that promote efficient and economical operation.
Compliance with design guidelines
DoD has guidelines that require forms to be designed so they are easy to fill in, have a functional layout and a logical sequence to the information they collect, and have an overall superior visual appearance. PDF Share Forms features an advanced forms designer that allows producing forms that completely satisfy these requirements.
Security and digital signatures
Security is paramount for every serious organization, especially the ones like DoD. PDF Share Forms enterprise and PDF Share Forms Information Worker are installed on customer servers and there is no connection between the customer and us. Flexible permission settings allow admins to carefully manage what forms and templates are available to certain users and user groups.

Significant part of data security is digital signatures. PDF Share Forms supports certificate protected digital signatures. Organizations can use their own certificates to sign forms, which makes it very attractive to DoD customers. More often than not DoD employees already have certificates that they use for authorization in other systems.
Unparalleled experience and full support
PDF Share Forms team has years of combined experience of SharePoint development and forms integration. Our support specialists helped multiple DoD customers to migrate from legacy solutions to paperless document management powered by PDF Share Forms. We provide full support not only to paying customers, but also during trial period.
Each year, millions of businesses are required to complete and submit mandatory government forms as part of their statutory obligation to report financial and other statistical information. To automate this historically manual and paper-based process, multiple government agencies - boards, local and regional health units, cities, counties and sheriff departments — collaborated with
PDF Share Forms to establish an electronic
form and reporting solution.
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How PDF Share Forms helps
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PDF Share Forms, in collaboration with leading SharePoint Consulting companies, implemented PDF Forms for
SharePoint - an electronic PDF form solution between businesses, individuals and government agencies. The
solution merges government trust into a de-facto document standard PDF and mature SharePoint platform.
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Many businesses today can fulfill their reporting obligations through a common PDF entry point rather than
dealing with numerous and often incompatible electronic formats for electronic documents. Companies file their
information either through SharePoint portals or by using their own internal information systems and software
to transfer data directly to government agencies. It is now easier for businesses to access, complete, submit
and reuse electronic forms. Not only do businesses save on time and mailing costs, they also gain access to
a proven technology which supports many real-life scenarios like offline submission, accessibility for disabled
people and high fidelity user interfaces in electronic forms
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PDF Share Forms continues to enhance integration of PDF forms with SharePoint to expand its use. The goal is
to evolve PDF forms from a solution for government reporting to an even more simplified solution for electronic
dialogue between businesses, citizens and government agencies.
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