PDF forms, but smarter

PDF Share Forms is one of the best smart forms solutions
for SharePoint 2013 and 2016. It is a strong alternative to InfoPath
and custom app development. No limits to the forms you can create.
Get all the PDF benefits – fixed layout, easy to print, smart archival,
compliance, accessibility, attachments and digital signatures.
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Information Worker
With PDFSF IW complex SharePoint forms became more user friendly. Automatic form field data extraction and synchronization with SharePoint columns is also enhanced with the ability to use different external data sources. Use SharePoint lists or external databases as a source for cascading dropdowns, filter data in a real time. Meanwhile working with PDF forms in SharePoint has never been easier – the product offers web-based PDF viewer that allows working with SharePoint forms in any browser and on any device1. A true cross-platform solution! No limits to the forms you can create. Get all the PDF benefits – fixed layout, easy to print, perfect document type for long term archival.
Deploy and sync PDF forms to SharePoint
PDF Share Forms
ISO standard for a reason
PDF is a perfect fit for fixed layout forms that look and feel the same on mobile and desktop devices
  • Automated field extraction
    Populate SharePoint library columns without programming. Bi-directional data synchronization allows to pull data from and push it to a form automatically.
  • No third party software required
    Design new PDF forms and fill those in right in a browser window. Bundled with all you need to run your forms without installing third party software on a client side.
  • Digital signatures
    Smart certificate-based digital signatures. Sign any form to confirm your identity, approve or reject requests.
  • Born for approval
    Nintex workflow and SharePoint Designer actions are supported. Read and update data while running your business processes. Or even create a new form.
  • Refine your draft
    Real life scenarios must allow to pause form filling and resume it later. Enable drafts for your users when it is appropriate. Fill-in forms without stress.
  • Anonymous users support
    Distribute forms outside your company. You can publish form on your website or send it to your audience via e-mail without any SharePoint credentials. Works even offline.
Best SharePoint App
Most Innovative Cloud Solution
Best Office 365 Solution
Best SharePoint Intranet/Extranet Solution
Multiple awardee and finalist
Standard for a reason
Born more than two decades ago – even before the Internet era – PDF is still a king of electronic document formats. PDF is a smart and universal choice for the fixed-layout, self-contained documents so vital to businesses across the globe.