InfoPath migration
this is the plan on
This is a short guide on steps you need to replace InfoPath with PDF Share Forms solution
Starting from alternative
PDF Share Forms enables support of PDF forms within SharePoint environment
and provides unparallel features like offline, digital signature and compliance.

Form designers will be happy to know that many features that they have been using and enjoying in InfoPath designer are present in PDF Share Forms.

Visual form designer allows to drag and drop form elements, so even non-technical users can create forms instantly not having to write any custom code.

New and existing forms work right in a browser window - you do not need to install any third party software to start working with PDF forms in your SharePoint.

A comprehensive toolset allows building rules and actions that dynamically work with form elements on certain conditions and events. Visual logic-based rules designer supports scripting, but does not require custom code.

Works with SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365.
How will we replace InfoPath?
as a document
PDF is not just a bunch of structured data. It is a whole document with layout, format and structure. Easy to print, easy to send, easy to archive.
PDF is ISO standard, which works virtually on any existing platform in the world. Desktop or mobile, Windows or MacOS, even offline.
trusted format
PDF is the most popular and most distributed document format in the world. There is no chance some company will ever try retire it.
no code rules
PDF Share Forms provide powerful visual rule builder. Yes, you can use scripts, but you can build your rules visually as well.
Business features
Form designer
Public access
Printer friendly

There is no one tool can replace InfoPath

There is PDF Share Forms
Any business process require an update from time to time. Including InfoPath forms. So, it is not a bad idea to create a whole business process using outstanding new solutions, like PDF Share Forms
Dmitry Ivahno
If I can build a whole business process using PDF forms why should I use something else inside my corporate SharePoint site?
Degi Karayev
No InfoPath alternative or InfoPath itself can help us to meet all shareholder' requirements like offline, drawing tools and ability to send a form via e-mail
Fernando Defamilie
Man Diesel Power
Get rid of outdated tools
Learn how to extend the power of your forms by switching from InfoPath to PDF Share Forms
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