What makes us different?
key features
PDF Share Forms uses worldwide standard document format - PDF.
Unlike InfoPath and Nintex, we do not use a proprietary form format. Thanks to this approach, you can easily reuse already existing forms. Corporate documents could be opened outside the organization without any third party software.
PDF form is a file
PDF is an ISO 32000 standard
PDF could be displayed by multiple 3rd party viewers and you are never dependent on one vendor for your forms. Nintex uses
a proprietary XML format. If you stop using Nintex, your data will not be displayed as it used to while in the Nintex form format.
Storage and archival
PDF file format is a natural choice for long-term storage
and retention policies. Conversion to "read only" format can be easily achieved. Nintex form is not a file, so you need to export form to PDF format as an extra step when you decide it is time
to archive this form.
Works even offline
With PDF Share Forms you have ability to work in a non-hassle offline mode (submission by email). To run Nintex on mobile
you have to use a specific mobile application.

Reuse your form or design it as you please

Reuse it!
PDF Share Forms provides you ability to reuse existing forms, be it Excel, Word or PDF documents. With Nintex you can reuse only existing Nintex forms.
Print it!
PDF document is a digital representation of print. You will print exactly what you see on the screen. With no doubt. Want to print a Nintex form?
Well, its not that simple.
Design it!
You can create form design and layouts in applications of your choice: Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and many more. If you'd like to create a form using Nintex, you need to teach your designer
to work with Nintex.
Native, official, universal
Born to be signed
PDF is Electronic and Digital Signatures enabled.
With PDF you can have fully compliant and court ready forms. Multiple ways to sign are easily available as well. You cannot bring Nintex form to court since it does not exist as a document.
It cannot be naturally signed.
Form and document in one
PDF is both: a form and a document. Resulting PDF documents
are saved in SharePoint document libraries. Nintex forms are primarily used for list data. With that you do not have
the benefits of documents in SharePoint.
Works for everyone
PDF and Adobe Reader support many accessibility features (Section 508 Compliant). To make Nintex form accessible,
you need to use additional coding.
Cross platform
PDF guarantees consistent view on all platforms and devices. With Nintex you have to build different views for different platforms. While it gives you flexibility to adjust layout,
it doubles or triples your work.
PDF Share Forms
Create and manage your smart forms in SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2013 and Office 365
For SharePoint server
Our product line consists of two major product versions for local SharePoint installations. These are PDF Share Forms Enterprise and PDF Share Forms Information Worker. Providing similar functionality, those products differ in their approach. The Enterprise product is flexible and customizable. Information Worker offers predefined tools in addition in order to make integration processes more fluid.
For Office 365
PDF Share Forms Cloud is the most advanced product in our line today built with Information Managers in mind. It offers the same powerful options as PDF Share Forms Information Worker, like form templates and digital signatures, workflow support and business stages. PDFSF Cloud also has a built-in PDF form designer and
a PDF form viewer. The product is available in the MS Office Store.